Why You Should Choose the Schimmer Ford Dealership near Streator, IL 

City Park in Streator, IL

We welcome all customers who are looking for a reputed Ford dealership in Streator, IL. Your search ends at Schimmer Ford in Streator, IL. We are a ford dealership stocking all the latest models of Ford vehicles. You will find vehicles that meet all requirements in size and pricing. In addition, we also offer many used vehicles for those who have price concerns or limited budgets but still want a reliable vehicle of the renowned Ford brand. We pride ourselves on being one of the best Ford dealerships in Streator, IL that has been in your service since 1991. 

We Value You More Than a Customer

Trust is just as important to us as it is to you. We respect our customers' needs and take the time to listen because we understand how important the decision is to buy a new car. A good car will last you years, so it is an essential investment-and we recognize that and that's why our staff is here to listen to you, provide useful recommendations, and guide you toward the best decision for you. And we sell both new and used vehicles, as well as offer financing options to suit your needs. 

Our excellent service at your local Ford dealership near Streator, IL, is not only reliable but also quick. Our staff takes the time to listen, provides recommendations, but does it all quickly so that you can be in and out in no time! We recognize that you have more important things to do than service a vehicle, so we strive to keep your waiting times low. 

Financing Option

We have a staff of finance professionals to assist you in obtaining the best financing available for you. We work with all the sources including the local community banks to get you a deal that fits your particular budget needs. We also offer an online application for financing that enables our financing professionals to start the process for you before you even come see us. We also offer a variety of leasing options for you if leasing a vehicle is your preference, just as you would expect from your Ford dealer near Streator. 

Customer Service 

We consider it as our prime duty to maintain high standards of customer service. The respect that we give to our customers is returned, as indicated by a number of reviews and testimonials that we keep on getting. You are bound to have a satisfying experience at all stages of your Ford vehicle purchase. We value our reputation as one of the best Ford dealerships in Streator, IL, and hence aim to keep every customer satisfied in all areas of sales and service. 

Speaking of service, as a special shopper assurance program feature when you purchase a new 2020 Ford vehicle, we are including three years of cost-free maintenance to ensure that you can be fully confident in your purchase decision. There's never been a better time to buy a new Ford near Streator, IL.

Please schedule an appointment with or call our Ford dealership near Streator, IL today if you have any vehicular needs.