Get Outstanding Service at our Ford Dealership near Dixon, IL

Aerial View Of Dixon, IL

For more than 30 Years Schimmer Ford has been the Ford dealership near Dixon, IL and the area around Dixon, IL, providing quality, honesty and integrity to customers. The dealership was acquired by the Schimmer group of dealerships in 2001 and has continued to serve the market with the same strong business principles under the guidance of the Schimmer family. 

The Schimmer family has four generations of family history in the automotive business and has continued to grow and expand the dealerships under their ownership umbrella through their deep beliefs in treating all customers as part of their family. 

The Schimmer group of dealerships are located in smaller communities throughout the central areas of Illinois and realize the importance of being good neighbors in all facets of the communities in which they stand. You can count on that trust and honesty when you deal with Schimmer Ford. 

You're More Than Our Customer

Trust is just as important to us as it is to you. We respect our customers' needs and take the time to listen because we understand how important the decision is to buy a new car. A good car will last you years, so it is an essential investment-and we recognize that and that's why our staff is here to listen to you, provide useful recommendations, and guide you toward the best decision for you. And we sell both new and used vehicles, as well as offer financing options to suit your needs. 

Our excellent service at your local Ford dealership near Dixon, IL, is not only reliable but also quick. Our staff takes the time to listen, provides recommendations, but does it all quickly so that you can be in and out in no time! We recognize that you have more important things to do than service a vehicle, so we strive to keep your waiting times low. 

New & Used Inventory Available

If you're looking for a Ford SUV near Dixon, stop by our Ford dealership near Dixon, IL. We specialize in trucks and SUVs. We are a leading dealer of Ford trucks near Dixon and our trained staff is here to answer all your questions. Interested in buying a new car but don't know which one? Need some advice on safety features or vehicle size? You can trust in us to give you the answers to all your questions plus more. 

We offer both used and new vehicles so we can help you find the best vehicle to fit your budget. Not sure if you're ready to pay it all off now? No problem! We know that life happens and not everyone is prepared to buy a vehicle-either new or used. And that's why we offer financing options.

What Does Our Customers Means To Us

At the Schimmer Ford dealership near Dixon, IL, we believe that our customers are the backbone of our business. They are the essence of our business and the reason we have been able to improve into the dealership we are today. Therefore, it is of our utmost pleasure to receive feedback from them, allowing their praise to serve as written proof of our commitment to excellence.

Customers often praise us here at Schimmer Ford for our attentive and personable customer service. We believe that buying a car is one of the biggest decisions a person makes, and it is important for a person to feel comfortable. Our friendly environment doesn't just make buying a car easy, but also an enjoyable experience overall!

Our Ford dealership near Dixon, Illinois is here for you today and will be here for you as long as you need us.